Friday, April 5, 2013

Trend Alert: Polka Dot

Latest upcoming trend is Polka dots. Polka dots are simple but classic prints that can be in your fashion closet for as long as u wish. See photos of polka dots concept below;

Polka dots prints are available in all outfits styles; ranging from dress, shirt, belt,skirt, scarf, bags, purse etc. Polka dot print is best rocked with a plain pattern fabric. View these fashion combination tips below;

                 Rihanna rocking a multi-colored polka dot jumpsuit

                     Riri on white and black chiffon polka dot skirt

Beyonce on a green turtle neck polka dot top and a red/black polka dot pencil skirt

                    kourtney Kardashian rocking a black and white polka dot top

 White and black polka dots pant trouser rocked with a red chiffon shirt

Red and white polka dot peplum top rocked with a black pencil skirt

White and blue polka dot shirt, blue blazer and a denim bum short

White and black polka dot flare mini skirt, gold belt and a green top

                               Black and white polka dot slitted short dress

Green and white polka dor shirt, red belt, green purse and a jean denim short

Multi-coloured polka dot blouse, red pantie host rocked with a yellow pump

White and black polka dot blazer rocked on a navy blue jump suit

Red and white polka dot shirt, blue denim bum short and a blue tennis shoe

Polka dot skirts rocked with different shades of plain colour fabric

                                                    Complete polka dot fashion

 Blue and white polka dot silk shirt, blue skinny jeans and a red pump

                                                            Polka dot trend

                              I love Polka Dot prints they are pretty, colorful and cute

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