Tips on how to take care of oily skin 

Cleansing is important Keeping your skin clean is very important for people who have oily skin. Cleanse your skin at least two times in a day to stay clear of excess oil. Toning is also advisable after you've cleansed your skin. This little effort of yours will help varnish excess oil from your skin.

Remember to apply a sunscreen The use of sunscreen is very important for those who have oily skin. This type of skin is extremely prone to pigmentation. Make sure you apply an SPF with minimum 20+ before you step out of your house.

Do not apply too much make-up The use of make-up tends to spoil your skin. Thus make sure that you only use the basics. Instead of applying a liquid foundation, choose a compact instead. Mineral make-up is also great for those who have oily skin.

Avoid oily foods
It is best to avoid foods that have too much of oil in them. It tends to build the oil level in your body which in turn will make your skin look all the more greasy. timesofindia

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