Thursday, April 25, 2013

DO IT YOURSELF(DIY): Knuckle Purse

Do you know you can actually do a knuckle purse like the photo below yourself?

Yes! you can achieve this knuckle purse above yourself. See the materials needed to achieve the knuckle purse below. You only need 7 materials to achieve this;

1. Hard eyeglass case – any size will do but I recommend using the largest one you can find.
2. Adjustable ring – get a ring with a cute, wide design.
3. Earrings – choose a pair that will go well with the theme of your bag. Find a pair that you don’t wear anymore so you won’t feel guilty for tearing them apart.
4. More rings – time to use those ugly rings that you don’t like anymore! Also, if you have broken rings lying around, those would be perfect for this. Make sure that the bands are of the same color. I am using these brass-colored ones.
5. Beads or rhinestones – I actually used rhinestones instead of the ones pictured above because the beads kept on rolling off! You want something that has a flat bottom so that it would stay in place and not chip off easily.
6. Superglue – you can use whatever strong glue you have. I recommend using Epoxy Glue because it takes a long time to dry.
7. Tweezers – yes, the carpenter’s wife’s tweezers (LOL read that here). This is completely optional but it will help you stick the rhinestones on without making your hands sticky and dirty.

How to Make a Knuckle Purse Yourself;

Now that we have all our materials set, it’s time to make your very own Knucklebox Clutch! Here’s a super easy step-by-step guide:
1. Let’s work on the rings first. Carefully snap the design off from the band. If it doesn’t snap off easily, you can use a nail pusher to pry the pieces apart. Do the same with the earrings.
2. Before gluing the bands together, make sure that each band is wide enough so that you can slide your fingers in and out easily. Adjust them if necessary. This is important!
3. With your superglue, connect the four bands side-by-side. Hold the pieces together with your tweezers until the glue dries.
4. Take your chosen wide design and stick it securely onto the two middle bands. Again, wait for it to dry. Do the same with the earrings and stick them on either sides. You should have something that looks like this photo below:
 5. Decorating time! I chose stick-on rhinestones for mine but you can decorate yours with whatever you want. If you are using stick-on rhinestones like me, don’t forget to glue them still. The adhesive on the rhinestones is not strong enough to withstand chipping. If your eyeglass case has a brand logo, make sure you completely cover that area.
6. Once you are done decorating, glue the knuckle duster at the top of the front half of your clutch bag. Make sure that the ring designs are also facing the front (front being the part of moves up and down when you open your eyeglass case and not the part that lies on the table). See photo below
Whoops and finally you are done. What a unique and stunning knuckle purse you have done Yourself. Why not try it yourself and wow everyone huh? Do it Yourself! GOODLUCK. jbperez4(guest Post)


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