Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Please help save the life of a 20-year-old orphan dying in Luth

Pease help save Odutola Emmanuel’s life. He is down with kidney ailment and he is currently at LUTH where he is receiving treatment though it’s really slow due to lack of fund.
Emmanuel is a 20 years old orphan who neither has a brother nor sister. His father passed on when he was a baby and the mother followed before he graduated from the high school.
He moved in with his grandmother afterwards but the aged woman was later thrown out of her house in Mushin due to her inability to pay the rent.
Investigations have confirmed that Emmanuel has no one apart from his aged grandmother. For the past one year, Emmanuel has been living with my little cousin and his parents in Mafoluku Oshodi. My cousin was his classmate at the high school.
He was rushed to LUTH on December 26th 2012 but was only able to receive some treatment/first dialysis on Jan 2 with the little fund I raised.
According to the doctor, he needs regular dialysis or kidney transplant to keep Emmanuel alive.
Please help save Emmanuel’s Life for the sake of God; I cannot do this alone due to my own personal responsibilities. In fact, I have spent all my savings in this first stage.
Included is his photo with that of his grandmother at the hospital.
PLEASE, PLEASE and PLEASE help save Emmanuel’s Life, GOD WILL REWARD YOU

UPDATE: Emmanuel has a renal Kidney failure. The kidney is at the end stage. He is on dialysis 3 times a week but not doing well with it. Transplant is the only permanent solution for him. He needs about 7million naira for kidney transplant.

Donations can be made to His bank account. GT BANK 0018164155 , ODUTOLA EMMANUEL
You can also visit him at the hospital/LUTH Idi-araba, please call me for details. 07033582485, Miranda

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