Monday, May 6, 2013

Female Model Goes To Out Completely Unclad As An X-rated Stunt

Could this be madness? huh

What on Earth is this world turning to? I still find it hard to believe the kind of stunt that will make someone go to work completely Unclad… and i dont mean wearing a See through dress alone… i mean “completely Unclad. A gorgeous German model rode public transportation completely Unclad as part of an X-rated performance art piece cooked up by a Swiss artist.
Morning commuters in Germany got an eyeful of flesh when a stunning model boarded a commuter train without a single stitch of clothing on. Straphangers in Dusseldorf barely batted an eye when the gorgeous brunette strode aboard the train wearing only a pair of black eyeglasses on Tuesday, Britain’s The Sun reported. In place of clothes, the woman had words like “bra” and “shirt” scrawled on her uber-toned body in black marker. End time i guess.

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