Thursday, May 23, 2013

Church Of Scotland To Now Allow Gay Ministers

The Church of Scotland on Monday voted to allow gay ministers following years of debate between the liberal and traditionalist sides of the church.
Scottish gay rights campaigners praised the move but the Free Church of Scotland called it a fudge.
The General Assembly pledged commitment to its “current doctrine and practice in relation to human sèxuality” but said it would not prevent liberal congregations to opt out of the convention. The assembly will re-analyse the decision at next year’s meeting and draft new regulations if it decides to implement the result of Monday’s historic vote.
Church leaders were expected to vote for one of three options: to reject the ordination of gay men and women as ministers, to allow their ordination or to allow their ordination but with the option for individual congregations to opt out.
In the end, the Church voted for a fourth proposal put forward by the Very Reverend Albert Bogle. source talkofnaija

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