Monday, May 27, 2013

She Lost Both Arms And Legs While Taking Injection For Bigger Bottom

Apryl Michelle Brown had black-market silicone injections which turned out to be BATHROOM SEALANT.
It left her in agony and led to her losing her hands and feet, as well as her búttocks. The 46-year-old former hairdresser blames “vanity” and wants to warn others of the terrible dangers of such illegal treatments. Apryl said: “I’ve paid a terrible price for vanity and I’ll pay for the rest of my life. But I blame no one but myself. I want to share my story to warn others about these so-called ‘quick fix’ surgeries. I didn’t realise the dangers. I thought it was a harmless injection that would give me the perfect bottom. But the reality was the silicone used wasn’t suitable for humans. It was, in fact, bathroom sealant only suitable for DIY. My body had a massive allergic reaction to it which left me at the brink of death.I was in so much agony that, by that point, dying would have been a release. The only way doctors could save my life was to amputate my búttocks, my hands and feet. ”Teased as a child about her “pancake” bum, Apryl vowed to buy a shapelier one when she was older. She said: “I didn’t know if I wanted mine to look like Janet Jackson’s or J-Lo’s. See her photo before the incident;

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