Thursday, May 2, 2013

5 Strange baby Names in the World

I stumbled into these names and i was like WHEW! Y would a new born baby bear such name huh? see the names below;

1. Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 (name from Sweden)
could this actually be a name or mayb keyboard error? Hell No, we didn't fall asleep on the keyboard. That is an actual name a Swedish couple tried to inflict on their son back in 1996. Apparently the name is pronounced 'Albin' (we're not sure how), and the parents chose it as a protest against Sweden's admittedly strict naming laws. Tax authorities must give their blessing to both first and surnames before they can be used.

2. @ (name from China)
With more than a billion fellow countrymen, finding a unique name in China is difficult. Perhaps that's why one couple called their baby the '@' symbol – in Chinese characters it apparently looks a bit like 'love him'. Bless. Unsurprisingly, however, the authorities were less sentimental and publicised the moniker as an example of citizens bringing bizarre names into the Chinese language.  

3. Anus (name from Denmark)
What is it about Scandinavian countries and name laws? The Danes are even tougher than the Swedes in this regard, with parents given 7,000-odd names to choose from by the government. Special permission is needed to deviate from the list, with ethnic names, odd spellings and even compound surnames forbidden. Luckily for him (we assume it's a 'he'), Anus was one of 250-odd names rejected each year.

4. Akuma AKA Devil (name from Japan)
Here's a name the Pope definitely wouldn't approve of. In 1993 a Japanese parent called his son Akuma (which literally means Devil). The authorities decided this was an abuse of the parent's rights to decide a child's name and a lengthy court battle ensued. Eventually the father backed down and junior got a new, less demonic name.

5. Lucifer (name from New Zealand)
Lucifer has been requested six times since 2001 by parents in New Zealand as a baby name, but the registrar of biths, death and marriages refuse to approve such name rather rejected it because the name is too offensive.

Apparently,  these five names are illegal baby names that have finally been banned all over the world because the names are said to be too Bizarre or Offensive.

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