Friday, March 22, 2013

Steal the Style

Its Friday! Troy Tasha is excited to upload some pretty fashion Outfit! So Feel Free to Steal d

  Black sleeveless top and a blue bump short! Nice accessories tho......Kool Outfit for beach party

Green bodytop, cream high waist belted top, Red Bag and a lovely Black necklace! perfect Casual Outfit

Chiffon Blouse, Black pencil jeans, Black and Gold accessories, Black boot. Simple but Classic Style

White Bralet top, Green chiffon trendy Skirt, gold belt and a brown shoe

Sequins pencil trouser, Green Blazer, White Chiffon shirt. Lovely Casual!

Black top, Black flare mini skirt, Black Hermes Belt and a yellow Jacket

High waist jergens, cream top and a cream  boyfriend Jacket

Black sleeveless top, Stripe slitted skirt with silver belt and accesories

Black Flare mini skirt. cream blazer trimmed with black, cream top, cream and black strap sandal. Cute

Brown chiffon sleeveless shirt, brown fur jacket, Black skinny jeans and a Black Boot

Classic and Stunning Outfits  by Troy Tashaz
Fashionistas! Steal the Style..................xoxo
Ve a blessed and lovely weekend readers
Love u all

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