Wednesday, March 20, 2013

2face And Annie’s Wedding Update

2face and Annie’s wedding ring is said to cost a total of $12,000 hmmm Gossip! that is not all, Ayiri Emami(CEO of A & E petrol, A & E group of Companies in warri which includes different aspects such as Oil, Logistics, and constructions), is splashing over 20million naira expenses incurred on 2face's upcoming wedding in Dubai. Can you beat that?

Ayiri paid 10 million for the Dubai wedding venue, security and food. N2.5m for the use of Jumeirah beach hotel for the church service and 2.5m to convey guests from the church venue to Royal Island Beach. His new private yacht is to be sailed from America to Dubai to ferry 2face and Annie. First class flight for 2face’s parent to Dubai and he’s to sponsor 50 people as well to Dubai for the wedding. He has also paid 911 band to play at the event. This is indeed a  wedding to seriously thrill and watch out for? 2days to go............xoxo

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