Monday, July 29, 2013

See Grandma that needs Cosmetic Surgery To Make Her Look Older

 WOW! The woman in the photo above is a grandma at age 47 and still look so young. Grandmother Anne Bolton is already 47 and none of these predictable side effects have happened. And she really wishes they would. The mother-of-four says she is constantly being mistaken for a woman half her age, and Anne, a market stall worker from Bristol, says looking like a 20-year-old is actually ruining her life - and now she's thinking about having cosmetic surgery to make herself look older.
Anne says that her youthful looks have ruined a marriage and two long-term relationships, as younger men constantly chat her up. She also believes jealous friends have abandoned her because she makes them look older.
Her eldest son, who has recently become a father, hates being seen with her after being mistaken for her boyfriend. Now size eight Anne fears her youthful looks will mean a lifetime of loneliness because she only ever gets chatted up by toyboys she has nothing in common with.

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