Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fish Turns To Human Being In Ibadan

Strange Fish With Human Parts Found In Ibadan Oyo State, Nigeria – “Frozen FishTurns IntoHuman Being” – Fish Seller This is one of the bizarre
Hundreds of residents of Ibadan, Tuesday, rushed out to catch a glimpse of a strange fish which was said to have human parts at Asaka compound area of the city.
The incident happened at Ile Akindele when afish seller noticed the strange creature after removing the wrap of a frozen fish.
Ramota, who was said to be the fish seller reportedly, raised alarm to attract others to the strange sight.
She said, “I went to where we usually buy fishat Kola Eleja, Oke Ado, Ibadan. After I finished, I boarded Okada to my place to prepare the fish for sale.
Before getting the fish out of the ice-pack, weneeded to use knife to remove them and use water to de-freeze. I was shocked to see the frozen fish developed into a living being in the water, the description of which showed half human and half fish. I quickly called my father and some Alfas to see the strange fish”.
The father of the woman, a retired civil servant, Pa Rauf Salawu who corroborated thestory said he had never seen such a thing before.
He narrated his own side of the story saying, “it was around 11am, when I started hearing the voice of my daughter while I was resting on my bed. She was shouting and screaming to the extent that people in the compound were attracted. source metronaija

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