Monday, June 17, 2013

Kim Kardashian says she'll NEVER get pregnant again after suffering severe pain from stomach infection

Kim Kardashian may have given birth to a healthy baby girl this weekend but the latest episode of her reality TV show proved her pregnancy was far from easy. The pain was so extreme Kim even said she did not want to go through another pregnancy. It was a really painful flight, it hurt so badly. I can hardly walk,' a tearful Kim told mum Kris on the show. 'I just don't understand it just hurts so bad, it kills,' said Kim as she was examined by her doctor. It feels like I am in labour. Why is this happening to me? I hate it, I can never do this again. Kim said  'I am just so relieved the baby is okay,'
'If labor is worse than this I will hang myself, I will literally take a knife and slit my throat,' said Kim. Hehe Kim grow up its just Labour pain huh!


  1. Garrout, is labour pain only? Stop saying "HUH" Its "HUN" As in honey, Huh is a question.

    1. You are right, she likes saying that "HUH" when its not needed.

  2. kim take heart oo

  3. Awwwww, See what kanye caused. lol Pele o Kimye


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