Friday, August 23, 2013

Woman Arrested for Allegedly Buying Baby for N1.2m

This woman traveled to Nigeria without a baby and few days later, was returning back with a three-day-old baby. A middle-aged woman, Evelyn Atemkng was yesterday, arrested in Calabar for allegedly buying a three day old baby at the cost of N1.2 million. She was said to have bought the baby boy from a matron of a clinic in Delta State. “The lady came from Cameron to Nigeria on Friday without any sign of pregnancy but she was found to be carrying a baby and when my men examined her there are no signs that she just gave birth. So, she and the baby were apprehended”, said the Cross River State Commander, whose men accosted the lady when she was boarding a ship to Cameroon.
Investigations reveal that she paid the money into a matron's account but she refuted the allegations, claiming that the money she paid into the account of the matron was for delivery and herbs she gave to her to aid delivery. “She (matron) said my breast would start producing milk in three weeks but for now the baby is taking baby food,” Atemkeng said.
Concerning the case, investigations are still on-going ...

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